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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Desdemona, Jun 5, 2001.

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    I got these two items in the mail today.

    Capital One Auto Finance. Pre-Approval Voucher for an automobile loan up to $25,000 through Capital One Auto Finance! Call this 800, key in approval code, and you can be Pre-Approved up to $25,000. So I called (just to see what they would say) keyed in my approval number, they read off the last four digits of my SS and said that I was Pre-Approved up to $25,000. I have till 6/9 to get to the local Dodge dealer to get my new car. Need the following: Driverâ??s license, SS card, title for trade-in, current phone bill, proof of full cover insurance and recent pay stub. Minimum down payment is 10% in cash, trade or rebate. They said they would pull TransUnion. No recent BKâ??s, foreclosures or repos. Nowhere on voucher or the little insert is any APR listed. I can just picture it.. $25,000 at 23.99%. NOT!!!

    I am still dispute a Capital One Credit Card charge-off on two of my CRâ??s. Charged-off and paid in 1998. Received my investigation request letter from TransUnion today with a second letter enclosed stating if you used the services of a â??credit repair companyâ? you may be interested to know that government agencies are in the process of investigating some of these companies which may be charging fees and otherwise deceiving consumers. If you have reason to believe that the fee charged by the credit repair company was too high and/or its services were misrepresented, please let us know if you would like your situation to be referred for investigation. With you permission, we will provide the information you furnish the following form to the appropriate authorities. Please direct your future correspondence to the address given above with the file number provided in the upper right corner.
    The form asked for the credit repair companyâ??s name, contact person/phone #, address, what they charged, what they promised and your complaint. Like I would every give them that information. I am not even using anyone right now. I have been disputing and cleaning up my record since 10/2000. I have been sending letters almost every other month and if I couldnâ??t get the CapOne off this time I was going to hire Junum. I donâ??t know if I should or not now, they think I hire a company when I have been doing it myself.

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