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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by zeusdinima, May 26, 2009.

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    I am soon to be a single mom, with basically no assets, that brings home less than $500.00 a month income. I owe (now that the CA has added more fees) about $30,000.00. I now have a collection agency after me for my student loans, I was going to use a company called Default Management Services Inc. Has anyone heard/used them? I have now become concerned because I looked them up on BBB and they have a C rating because they don't know enough about the company yet. Well considering they want me to pay them $100.00/month for the next 5 months I want to be sure I am doing the right thing. I've considered offering the CA 15% of my income, which is what they will get if they take me to court, right? I want to only communicate with them via mail and the first letter I send I plan on having it sent certified mail. I tried contacting the dept of ed via email and they won't deal with me because of the CA. I have not done anything with the CA yet. I would like to get on a payment plan and will allow them to take it directly out of my account once all's in writing with the agreed upon amount and try to just get this to not be a huge stress on me.
    The Default Mgt Svcs I was talking about earlier has promised me a lot of stuff, including restrucuring the loan, etc. But I am not trusting anyone these days. The Student Loan people have been bullying me for years and have not been willing to work with me in the past. I think maybe I should send a letter with proof of income stating I want to rehabilitate my loan, using 15% of my income. Is that a good option for me? I also saw to call that 1-800-4fedaid on another post, but would they bother with me in my situation?? Please help!!
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    Hi zeusdinima, Please post this in the credit talk forum. This feedback forum is for feedback about the discussion forum itself.

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