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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Kathy, Apr 19, 2001.

  1. Kathy

    Kathy Guest

    You told me to write to them for increases on my Cap one cards. What would I say? That I want increases or make up some BS story? Thanks
  2. Marie

    Marie Well-Known Member

    you're also aware that they don't report credit limits... it's hard for you to keep the card since they're hurting your credit scores by not reporting credit limits. Your utilization is all out of whack.

    to add insult upon injury, your credit line is lucicrously low and their credit increases are slow coming.

    Then when they send you the 800# on the email.. call and talk with someone.

    It's better to be truthful... and both of these gripes are true for you (ok, for all of us). the person will ask you what you want... so be prepared.

    Let them know that you'd really like not only a larger limit but also better terms (waived annual fee, reduced interest rate). you'll get it. they're very nice. and besides, considering how their screwed up policy of not reporting the limits really does hurt you... there had better be a nice incentive for you to stay.
  3. Jim

    Jim Well-Known Member

    I told Cap One

    that my other credit cards were at 13.9% in the E-mail. Therefore, Cap One is not competitive.When I called they had already reduced my apr. from 17.8% to 13.9% effective immediately.

    Each response from the consumer advocate has been quite unique.
  4. bohemian

    bohemian Guest

    Re: I told Cap One

    Make sure to waste their time and complain about your credit lines when there are people out there with much worse problems with them. The more people who keep on sending letters about their credit line and interest rate, when their credit sucks, the less serious they are going to take those with real problems. Be happy you got a card.
  5. LKH

    LKH Well-Known Member

    Re: I told Cap One

    I complained to Cap 1 through Planetfeedback because of being told I would get a line increase and then didn't. I got it through Planetfeedback and I'm glad I did it that way. I would also do it again in a heartbeat. But, thank you for your post anyway Bohemian, it was very helpful and insightful and full of good tips.
  6. Marie

    Marie Well-Known Member

    Re: I told Cap One

    Not credit lines, credit limits. Wow, can't read huh.

    Their not reporting credit limits artificially decreases scores and drives cost of credit up for all Cap1 cardholders. They won't report even when requested which could be interpreted as a violation of the FCRA "complete and accurate" statutes as well as intent.

    But thanks for your great input.
    I'm sure your advice is as useful in "real life" too.
  7. breeze

    breeze Well-Known Member

    Who in the heck is

    bohemian, that anybody owes an explanation for what they do??

    What arrogance!

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