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    My demand letter to Trans Union is on it's way.

    Re: equifax, they claimed to have verified an account several times stating the creditor verified each time. The creditor says they were never requested to verify it. The creditor, Compass bank just sent me a letter stating the account (it was a repo) had been paid in full as agreed, never late, and re-reported it to equifax last Thursday.

    experian yesterday refused to re-verify saying the accounts in question had already been verified. I told them I had new info on one. They said too bad. They are showing a collection from gulf states that was recently bought by north shore. I sent north shore a validation and they sent back a letter apologizing and cancelling any collection efforts. But experian refuses to re verify. Another account, my car loan was showing 30 days late. My creditor reported it as never late last week. I had a dispute going and they have completely deleted it without regard for the update.
    ok, just an update.
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    Interesting. They really do think we have no course but to accept their... well. you know what I think.

    I'm ticked. I just found the Gwinnett county online system and I found another case. a 2001 at that.

    Wish I'd seen it today. Oh well. I think I may be putting too much detail for magistrate court.
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    Can you post the case you saw here so we can read it? Thanks.

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