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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by nutty28, Mar 5, 2001.

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    Could you explain this a little better. I am still fluttered over this guy. Should I send the Validation letter to the collection Agency or the creditor as you speak of?
    The debt shows up on report as Profit and Loss.

    You could also try another tactic and request validation of the debt from the original creditor. YOu have to modify what we normally post here, but you could make them "prove" all those extra charges. After the writeoff there shouldn't be any more interest until they get a judgment. Also, if they've sold the debt or taken a profit and loss writeoff, or received insurance for this debt.. then you have a reasonable defense to reduce the debt anyway.
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    I have been monitoring posts here and am totally confused. If you have a debt that is sold to a collection agency...and they both show up on the report...who do you send the dispute/validation letter to? Is it the CRA, the original creditor? Or the collection agency? If its not the CRA, then how do you get the info to the CRA?

    If anyone has a sample letter to the CRA, Original creditor, or collection agency please please help me and email it to:

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    Kevin, by using the search function on the board you will find samples of dispute letters. Also try for sample letters. There are other sites as well like that have good letters. I think if you do the research it will be better than waiting for someone to e-mail it to you, because those sites explain who should get the letters for maximum effect, and what kind of follow up you should plan.
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    You can find the letters here:
    Debt Validation - experts please help thread 32878
    Debt Validation2 - experts please help thread 32879
    No Debt Validation=Remove trade line letter thread 32991

    I spent several WEEKS reading info on the web to understand this process, but it was worth it when it worked.

    For basic credit repair/ who do I send this to info: go to this website, the info is free and it's wonderful:
    Mirrored at: or READ THIS STUFF FIRST! then you'll have basic info. is a group that discusses this approach.
    Finally, there is a guy names "due process" on that board who sells very specific info on this method.
    His website is
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    Basic info

    Just reread your posts. For clarification: VAlidation letters as posted on this site go to collection agencies.

    I just posted those links above.

    You dispute a credit entry directly with CRAs (Credit reporting agencies: Equifax et al).

    Make this easy on yourself: if you've never disputed anything and you don't owe anything anymore: dispute with the CRAs and see what happens.
    If you do still owe the debt you can choose to do a lump sum settlement w/the collection agency (fastest way to get info off your reports) but only for a complete removal of all info (get this in writing)
    OR: you can request validation from the collection agency (you are, in essence, refusing to acknowledge the claim being made by the collection agency). You're saying prove it or take a hike. This takes longer but it insulates you. If you'll read the links and take a few days, you'll understand now only the basic approaches, but also the advanced approaches... and why we do this!

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