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  1. IamBuzzed

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    I was only member for a little over 6 months. I have kept the account current, never been over but i have charged alot on it tho, close to max....She just looked at my history and said i had good standing and that was it. hope this helps
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  3. IamBuzzed

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    I got the card in like september of last year and they gave me like 2 increases. one of 300 and another 500. well more like 8 months.
  4. Marie

    Marie Well-Known Member

    Which company...

    Providian? Are you the one who got the quick gold upgrade???
  5. Bill Bauer

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    First Premier Whatta laugh

    First Premier wrote me a letter and told me that if I would pay them $25 they would give me a limits increase.

    So I called them up and asked them exactly how much increase they would give me, and they said "Hold on while I see what I can do for you"

    I waited a while and finally they got back on the horn and said "We will give you a $100 increase since you have been such a good customer and always paid on time. I immediately busted out laughing on the phone and when I could control my laughter, I said "You gonna give me a $100 increase for only $25?" The gal replied "Yes Sir" and I started laughing again. I said, "You have a nice day now" and hung up.

    How damned stupid do they think I am?

    Bill Bauer
  6. roni

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    Re: First Premier Whatta laugh

    Why in the heck do you have a First Premier account. I thought you had A credit. Did I miss something here?

  7. MikeB

    MikeB Banned

    Re: First Premier Whatta laugh

    Makes you wonder don't it:)
  8. Bill Bauer

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    First Premier Whatta laugh

    Did I say that or did you just assume that to be the case?
  9. Bill Bauer

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    Re: First Premier Whatta laugh

    Makes you wonder why they think so little of you that they are willing to insult your intelligence like that.

    They think a hundered bucks is some big deal? Such a big deal that you would be willing to pay $1 for every $4 in new credit? It's already a very low limit card.

    $25 for them to make a couple of keystrokes on their computer? Yeah! Sure! Second Tuesday of next week if it rains hard enough.
  10. Iambuzed

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    Yup. Got Free gold upgrade


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