Maryland Students Use Speed Cameras for Revenge

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    High school students in Maryland are using speed cameras as a tool to fine innocent drivers in a game, according to the Montgomery County Sentinel newspaper. Because photo enforcement devices will automatically mail out a ticket to any registered vehicle owner based solely on a photograph of a license plate, any driver could receive a ticket if someone else creates a duplicate of his license plate and drives quickly past a speed camera. The private companies that mail out the tickets often do not bother to verify whether vehicle registration information for the accused vehicle matches the photographed vehicle.

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    There are several more links to interesting articles about red light speeding cameras in the left hand column of this blog. One of them leads to a video about this new device.

    You can actually buy the device from J.C. which is a nationally known distributor of all kinds of automobile parts and products. They are based in Chicago and you can get a catalog of all their various products. I think their catalog is free for the asking. I've even seen their catalogs in some convenience stores if I remember correctly. They are much like O'Reilleys or Auto Zone or other similiar auto parts outlets.

    A google map showing where red light cameras are installed anywhere in the U.S.

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