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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by DanS, Sep 9, 2003.

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    I am now just past 24 months since my BK was declared (8/01 declared, 2/02 discharged) and I'm seeing nice things happen to my FICO scores - I'm averaging a little above 650.

    I would like to get a better card (better rate, prime bank) and obviously, do a little BT to save some money. What banks would people recommend for someone w/a BK as above and a score of 650? Alternatively, is there a website that will tell me score expectations for cards?

    I am quite willing to wait until my score hits 700 to apply but if there's an obvious route to go and do the BT thing, that would be great now. If I'm completely ruled out of prime cards, someone tell me now.

    I currently have a $1200 CL w/Cap1 (15%) - just ate that up for this month to get my high CL noted and then knock it down quickly. I have $5600 on a 10k CL w/DMB (18%)and $3300 on a 5250 CL w/Aspire (15%). I also have a $3900 closed account w/NextCard that does not report on TU.

    I have a car loan w/Chase and called to ask about getting a CC w/them. Was told they don't take anyone w/a BK - regardless of time (obviously, after ten years it doesn't matter)
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