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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Alwilda Sm, Jan 28, 2001.

  1. Alwilda Sm

    Alwilda Sm Guest

    How do these music clubs work? Sounds too good to be true - 12 for the price of one. Are these rip-offs? Do they pull your credit when you apply?

    -Alwilda Smith
  2. jamie

    jamie Well-Known Member

    Hi Altwilda, I don't think they pull your credit, but be careful. You end up getting alot of music you don't want if you don't send your selection card back in time. As long a you keep up with it, its not a bad deal. But I found that after shipping and handling attached to your order, you could probably buy the same thing at your local music store for less. I just bought the required number of CD's to get the offer and cancelled.
  3. Laura

    Laura Guest

    No, it's not a rip-off. The deal is that you are agreeing to buy XX number more in XX amount of time at a usually increased price. For example, you have to buy 6 more CD's in the next year, but they will cost you 24.99 instead of $10.99 at WalMart. Also be aware you will be charged shipping on the free ones, which usually amounts to about $12 or $15.
  4. jamie

    jamie Well-Known Member

    Sorry, I meant Alwilda!

  5. Alwilda Sm

    Alwilda Sm Guest

    Is "shipping and handling" fees a gimmick on these offers? I notice they are not specific in the advertisement.

  6. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    they kill u with the shipping and handling. the one I used charged me like 4-5 bucks for the other 10 Cd's. also they sometimes automatically send u a different cd each month. if you dont return it you are charged. be careful. BMG is the company i use now and i dont have the new cds a month problem anymore.

  7. Sister Gir

    Sister Gir Guest


    It is a "pro & con" situation; I also use BMG like Roni does.You really can get great service from these people,excellent cust svc on damaged cd's,online pymt,& account updates.

    One downfall is that they charge S&H on PER item(like many others...that is how they make their money).You will notice the "great" difference in your charges vs when you send something back(smile).

    You have the online option to decline next month's offer online w/o having to send back that postcard(updates your account IMMEDIATELY).

    Overall,you can get some GREAT pricing on stuff found locally(even when you factor in the S&H).

    FYI---Stay away from Columbia house(they are the worse to deal with).
  8. Geo

    Geo Well-Known Member

    With the first six CD you get, they will send an $14 invoice, then when you buy the required one (like $20) can ask for the others five, you will receive them with another 14 or something.

    So the 12 CDs will cost you like $50. Also
    they will be sending you another CD monthly at regular price plus S&H unless you cancel it on time every month.
  9. John S

    John S Guest

    Columbia House does NOT ship ANYTHING without your REQUEST.

    Many years ago, they used to "ship unless you return the card and say NO". Years ago, they change it. Now you have to specifically request a CD before they send it out to you.

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