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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by hth316, Oct 23, 2001.

  1. hth316

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    Went to Ford site after hearing about Jeep, Ford, and Toyotas offering 0% for a limited time.

    Ford showed a link to mazda; mazda has the Tribute which I can afford (would prefer the Lexus RX-300 :)

    Anyway, was approved for 4.9% for the 2002 Mazda Tribute but I would need to put $7k down to offset the -$4.5k equity on my Avalon. W/o the negative, I would only need $2k down.

    What this means is that I have paid ~$5k for the past 7 months, and I haven't made a dent on my car, much less a whopping -$4.5k neg equity.

    I was so dissapointed I paid over $3k in credit card bills last night and will work to get the remaining $8k cc debt down to zero, and close a few accounts and keep only my prime cards.. forget negative impact as far as length of history on acc goes. I guess it looks good for FICO score, but bad to banks because they see too many open trades.

    SO! However you think your credit may be, PLEASE don't go to WFS Financial, or any other. I'm especially hurt by WFS so I'm going to vent: DON'T TAKE THEIR LOAN!!!

    I was so afraid of dealership, and now I realize I should be afraid of the used car lot. Don't make the mistake I made. ~sigh.

    You know, if only I would have just fix the ac on my 88 Honda Prelude, I would have saved $2k down, and $5k in payments the past 7 mos, so that's at least $7k I could have used for down on this Mazda. Gave that to my nephew, he wound up totally it a couple of months later.

    Oh well, hope it's a mild winter.
  2. sam

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    You took a non-simple interest loan???

    If not, you need to hold on to your car for at least two years, or you'll take it in the shorts on depreciation.

    If it was non-simple interest, well your screwed.

    Good idea to read the contract before signing them, they note any termination/strange financing clauses.
  3. Newcomer

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    I financed my car through Arcadia Financial which is WFS's kissing cousin. I wouldn't wish them on my worst enemy. Although, when I got my car, I was in desparate need and my credit was bad, I hate that I've paid thousands in interest more than what I could have with a prime loan. Also, I'm in the whole on my car as well, so I'm just going to pay it off and make sure I get a good deal on my next one.

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