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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by anne, Apr 5, 2001.

  1. anne

    anne Guest

    I applied online for the Barnes and Noble card from MBNA. I called the number and they told me I would be getting a Letter. He did not state whether I had been denied. Should I call back and ask for a credit analyst or would this raise red flags. I need to get a MC or VISA so i can start getting some positives on my credit report. I will have my car paid off (never missed a payment) in June, will that increase my score. As you can see I am in prison today, LOL! Just tell me should I press them or back off?
  2. Ron

    Ron Well-Known Member

    I applied for Barnes and Nobles Mastercard from MBNA about two months ago and the websites told you will received response in the mail within 30 days. I did call the customer service a couple of times and they finally told me it was approved. It will not red-flag the application if you call to check on the status. They approved you based on your credit history.
  3. Momof3

    Momof3 Well-Known Member

    How is your credit Anne?? This card sounded pretty good and I "may" apply after mortgage.

    I would call back and ask them, believe me they know whether you are approved or not. I would ask them point blank if you are or not.
  4. curious

    curious Well-Known Member

    By all means, call them back, they have the ability to tell you what the letter was about. Whether it be a denial or request for additional information. You will not be able to get a credit analyst though, they call you with questions and don't accept incoming phone calls.

    Good luck.
  5. Momof3

    Momof3 Well-Known Member


    I know you were just approved, congrats by the way. How is your credit, if I may ask?? The terms looked really good thinking about applying in the summer.

  6. curious

    curious Well-Known Member

    Re: curious

    I have no negative credit, but very limited credit. I have two installment loans from like five years ago. I got my first credit card in December of 2000. I have one car loan that is current and open. That is about it, that's why I was surprised to have gotten approved. I did have an analyst call me and state that my credit was limited, but that due to my job stability, address stability and education, she approved me.

    She said that they usually like to see two to three years worth of credit history (credit cards) and no recent negatives.

    Thanks, as long as you have payment history showing on the bureaus and accounts in good standing with minimal negative stuff, I would assume you would be ok.

    Your credit must be good, you were approved for Citibank. They turned me down because of limited credit and too many inquiries.
  7. anne

    anne Guest

    I don't know what my score are and really need to do that. I just got a loan and paid one off and my car will be paid for in June, my main negative entry was from Providian, they were idiots when I had their card, but i paid it off with a loan from the credit union. I have a Dillards and Fashionbug, but no visa or mc. I want to have a decent profile by having a vias or mc or american express. I probably have too many inquires if anything, but I am trying to get. I applied to Orchard Bank and Capitol One, but have not gotten a response. I just need to start generating some positive entries. Will my score raise with the car beening paid off? Someone had advised me to get a visa or mc
    to improve my score. Comments for a prison worker trying to score (with the CRA's, LOL!)?

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