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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by steve, Sep 25, 2001.

  1. steve

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    Another $1,000 automatic credit line increase on my Quantum card!!! I've finally passed the 20K mark on a single credit card. This number has a lot of meaning for me because I applied, but did not get the Capital One Platinum card. Doesn't this card have a MAX limit of $20,000? That makes me feel good. Screw Cap One and their bait and switch tactics!!!

    Now I have to work on getting my AMEX limits raised, but this will take some time. How is Citibank at granting credit increases without a hard inquiry? Thanks to all the knowledgeable people on the board!!!
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    Congrats Steve! I hope my Chase Plat. will get me up that high! I am at $8500 now, so I'll probably be waiting a while, but I love the 2.99% intro rate, and I've got 0% for the next 2 months with the GetSmart Visa!
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  4. steve

    steve Well-Known Member

    I actually started out with two MBNA Platinum Plus accounts, one with a CL of $11,300 and another with a CL of $6,000. I combined these accounts earlier this year and upgraded to the Quantum card. I think MBNA gave me an extra $1,000 after upgrading to bring my total limit to $18,300. I used Quantum for a few months and then didn't use it for a month and then I noticed that I got a $1,000 increase to a total CL of $19,300. I did the same thing recently and now have a limit of $20,300.

    I think MBNA gets worried if you don't use their card for a month or more and they end up raising your limit to keep you happy. The main reason I don't use some of my cards from time to time is to limit the number of bills I get in the mail since I have 7 credit cards. I guess the strategy of using 2 - 3 cards every month is great at getting automatic credit increases from MBNA.
  5. creditwork

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