MBNA has agreed to remove the

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Jim S., Dec 23, 2000.

  1. Jim S.

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    My ongoing saga to get the account that my mom opened that I am trying to get removed from my credit reports will soon be at an end. I called MBNA, and asked to speak to the fraud dept. as soon as got someone. They gave me the direct number in case I need to call them again, and forwarded me.

    The fraud dept. was very helpful. They are going to mail me something to send back so I can get the account removed.
  2. Don

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    RE: MBNA has agreed to remove

    I have found MBNA to be helpful in any situation that I have ever encountered...most recently with a large (5K) payment that took forever to post...when I called, they said they would note it and to give it a little more time...the payment posted, but late...and they still refunded the interest that was accrued and a late fee (about 40 dollars worth)..

    We need to send everyone at Cross Country, et al to work at MBNA for awhile and not only see how a real credit card company is run, but to also learn the finer points of customer service..
  3. Kevin Yaeg

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    RE: MBNA

    MBNA is a good bank. Most people who start off with a low credit limit within 3-5 years will have over a 20K limit as long as they make their payments on time. My friend now has been with them for 10 years has a 50K limit
  4. marci

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    RE: MBNA has agreed to remove

    Hi Jim,

    I'm glad to hear that. I had the same issue with Discover Card and last week they also - after many, many phone conversations with supervisors - removed me from my mom's account as well.

  5. Don

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    RE: MBNA

    I agree...in 5 years we've gone from 9K to double that...never asking..just always getting an increase every few months...

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