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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by ShyGuy, Apr 24, 2001.

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    MBNA -- at least in the case of my wife's LLBean Visa card -- appears to use an interesting method of interest charges. Because the card only has a $200 limit, my wife left an balance of $100 on it two months ago.

    She hoped this would make her seem more profitable to MBNA -- and therefore help her get a limit increase. But her limit request was denied because of an insufficiant number of credit references (i.e., not enough credit cards).

    So last month, she paid in full, including the $100 balance from the month before. So this month's payment shows the balance was paid in full on time, but it has a $2 finance charge. My wife called, the the customer service rep told her this is the way it always worked if you carry over a balance. (Because this was the first time it happened, the rep reversed the finance charge.) Is this the infamous two-cycle billing?

    While she was on the phone, my wife asked why she was turned down for a credit limit increase and if she needed more credit cards in order to get a higher credit line. The rep say yes -- and then offered to open a MBNA MasterCard for my wife over the phone. So MBNA won't give my wife an extra $100 on her Visa credit line, but it will give her another credit card.

    I wish I had been talking to the rep. I would have said, "No, thanks. I want my next bankcard to be from a company that doesn't charge me interest when I paid my bill in full. In fact, how do I close this card?"
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    Why would a credit card company give a higher limit to someone with no pay history.

    Get real don't try and burn the credit card companies pay your bills.


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