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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by eddie, Sep 10, 2001.

  1. eddie

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    Last week I posted about my attempts to get an mbna business card and how their rep called me to quiz me on my nonexistent past credit historyand tell me on the phone that was declined. On Friday of last week I got a personal turndown letter from her. Reasons for declination were lack of sufficient credit history and lack of long term history of revolving accounts. Well today I get another letter from a different credit analyst saying my application was approved and my card would be coming soon. I called and the rep said I had in truth been approved and the cards were mailed on the sixth. Ill believe when I see it.
  2. Cadillac408

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    Interesting! I hope this is true.

    Just to add to that, MBNA calls my house every 6 months or so to invite me to apply for their USVBA co-branded card (I coach v-ball and apparetly the USVBA sold my info to MBNA). I applied 1 time and also included BTs. I was declined. Then they called back like 6 or 8 months later to invite me to apply. I told the rep no thanks, my credit (at the time) wasn't very good, etc. The rep stated that they have humans that go over every application manually and that it wasn't based just on scoring. I thought this was one of those lines that they throw out there to give people hope. I didn't fall for that. Maybe the rep wasn't bs'n????

    I guess we'll see when your so-called card(s) show up.
  3. Mist

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    I don't know about them going over the report manually. I don't buy that line. What I know for a fact they do is that they pull NOT one report BUT TWO. In my case they pulled EX and TU. This was in late 1998 after which I found out that an "imposter's" records were comingled with my file. I was turned down and the MBNA inquiries have come off my reports but I had saved the reports I sent for at that time. It wasn't until recently when I was going over my reports that I noticed that they had pulled both hard inquiries.

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