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  1. phylisrn

    phylisrn Well-Known Member

    I currently have a Quantum MBNA card with a CL of 22,500. I recently applied for another card with MBNA. Well customer service called me today and said that they couldn't offer me another card but they could 'split' my credit limit in half and give me two cards-one with a 10,000 limit which would be a Platinum and 12,500 for my Quantum.I told he rno I don't think so, so she practically begged me to take the card! So I did. Has anyone ever heard of MBNA doing this before?


    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    NO...but I would have said $15,000 each for your trouble...

    ...WARNING...if the QUANTUM was ever above $10,000...it will "LOOK" like you were over-limit. IT WILL LOOK REALLY BAD IF YOU WERE EVER AT $22,400 (on your credit report)!!!!
  3. phylisrn

    phylisrn Well-Known Member

    My high limit was 18,000. Do you think I should ask them to remove it or adjust it?


    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    I would ask for $18,000 credit limit because it will "LOOK" like you were $8,000 over-limit, see what they say. If they say NO to the $8,000 increase, ask if they can change the reporting to $10,000 HIGH BALANCE & CREDIT LIMIT.

    If they don't do something...YOU WILL GET BIT IN THE BUTT...
  5. rubyjean

    rubyjean Well-Known Member

    The reason why you were called is because MBNA felt that the 22.5 k sufficient in regards to the amount of credit that they could extend to you.. To try to give the Product that you applied for, you were called to see if you would like to redistribute a portion of your 22.5 to open your new credit card that you applied for.. If you did not want to do it.. then you could have canceled your application.. If MBNA did not call you.. You would have been declined for the reason Sufficient credit available with MBNA at this time.. You may ask how do I know this.. The answer is because I am presently employed By MBNA as a Credit Analyst.. and I make many calls to applicants every day in regards to this exact situation..
  6. MT

    MT Well-Known Member

    rubyjean, perhaps you could comment on George's post? how would mbna handle such a request to change the limit reported or lower the high balance?
  7. rubyjean

    rubyjean Well-Known Member

    It would report as with the Changed credit Line. If the 22.5 was changed to 17000, the new acct would report as 5.5 and the Quantum would report at at 17000 line.. They only way that you can redist.. is to have the available credit.. If The Quantum acct was revolving a 20 K balance.. You could not redistribute..Most of the time that this happens.. It is because of a situation in which a Customer has a Trade that he is not using..
  8. lbrown59

    lbrown59 Well-Known Member

    Another fine example of The FICO screw.Ban it make a law against it!
    Corruption isn't needed!
  9. phylisrn

    phylisrn Well-Known Member

    So Rubyjean, will they report my high limit as 18,000?
    My current balance is zero dollars now on both accounts. Just to add I have read lots of horror stories on MBNA but they have been wonderful to me.

  10. rubyjean

    rubyjean Well-Known Member

    Instead of having One Card with 22.5 available Credit line.. You would have two accounts.. One with a 17k available Credit line, and one with a 5.5 Available credit line..The only way you can get a high Balance.. is to put charges, ect to the accounts.. You still have the same amount of credit available that you had before
  11. phylisrn

    phylisrn Well-Known Member

    My credit lines are divided like this:
    Quantum 12,500
    Platinum Plus 10,000

    I went as high as 18,000 though on my one card though.


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