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    I've written to the board about this situation a couple of times, but I'm going to try again, so please bear with me if you've read this before. Three years ago I had a medical condition that made it necessary to visit the emergency room of a local hospital three times. At the time of my visits I had really good medical insurance. My credit has been spotty in the past, but I've been attempting in the past couple of years to make it right. I requested my credit report from all three bureaus at the beginning of the year and saw that I owed Absolute Collection some money associated with my visits to the emergency room. Mind you, I never received any bill from the hospital or from the collection agency, but that is not what is in question now. I thought my insurance covered everything, and I never received notice of anything different. Anyway, I called the collection agency and asked them what I owed them. They gave me a figure of $356 and I paid it. Now I have SEVEN entries on my credit report for collection accounts from the same company. Apparently, the money I owed was distributed on different acconts for the physicians, the x-ray department and the hospital itself. The amounts on my credit record range from $13 to $189, but they are all from the same hospital visits. Is there anything I can do? This is the ONLY negative information that remains on my report. Everything is paid; and I know it's suspect to say that I never received any bills from anyone - but I didn't!! I guess I can live with this info on my report for the next 3 or 4 years, but it seems unfair, especially since I believe the credit score looks at the number of accounts more heavily than the actual $$. Thanks so much for any insight.

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