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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by anesthesia, Nov 14, 2001.

  1. anesthesia

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    I just pulled a credit report at the beginning of October. There were about 7 collection entries for medical bills and one for Southwestern Bell. Yesterday I called the local EMS and the billing supervisor said that if I sent them a check to clear the balance, she would notify the collection agency that the debt was unverifiable and ask them to remove it from my credit report. I mailed the checks this morning with a letter recapping our conversation and verbal agreement. Today I called Commercial Recovery Systems in Dallas, TX. I talked to a rude guy who said that if I fed-ex a money order to pay the rest of the SW Bell account (I had sent a partial payment 6 months ago) he would have the entry deleted from my credit report and he said if my mortgage lender called him, he would verify this verbal agreement. I told him I would send him a letter for him to sign, but he said he is not allowed to sign letters, but deletes entries all the time for people. This debt is from Nov. 2000. I'm feeling nervous about this. Should I pay it or just dispute it? Do I have any recourse if he renegs? Would SW Bell still have records? I also have 4 med accts with Central Financial Control/Tenet Health who refuse to remove it even if I pay it ($522), and 2 different Radiology accounts with NCO who has only sent me 1 letter. What do I do?? I have a new baby and we want to move up to a bigger home. Help!!!!!!
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    I have not been here long enough to be offering advice but I will take a crack at it anyway. Everything I have since joining this board tells me not pay for any until I get it in writing that it will be deleted. Their words don't mean jack. I am sure there are some honest ones out but collectively do not believe a word they tell you. Get it in writing or no deal. These CA are greedy, they will come back to you.
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    Yea, that sounds like good advice. Remember, it's is that guys job to lie and deceive to get your money. If he doesn't have the authority to sign an agreement, then I bet his boss does. Don't give up and be TOUGH with these people.
  4. EddKey

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    I am just finishing making a medical collection paymen from back in April, my insurance did not cover it. Thats not good.. I wonder like if if they put it on the report.... I do not want to check my credit report becouse those equifax peole also check the number of times its pulled!
  5. LKH

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    When you pull your own report it does not count against you.
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    Then don't pay it!
    Male it clear no REMOVAL NO PAY!

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