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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by AnnMarie, Mar 29, 2001.

  1. AnnMarie

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    I have never gotten a merged report--does it indicate what CRA each item is coming from? and if an item is coming from two or all three?
    I'm really considering using Junum but I was thinking about items that weren't on the report from say one of out the big three CRA-but then appearing o that report after a dispute. If Junum (and other services) are disputing a negative item that's on a merged report and assuming all three are reporting it and the CRA automatically tries to verify it, that could explain why it would pop up on a new CR company.
    Am I shooting in the dark here?
  2. DaveLV

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    I ordered a merged report when I joined Lexington. It does identify which agency is reporting what item, and you can tell at a glance which items are reporting to all three, and which are not.

    I ordered my merged report from Confidential Credit.
  3. judyputy

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    Beside each listing or directly under the listing it will show the abreviated word for each agency. I don't rememebr them right off hand. ( XPN, EFX, TU I think) When you get a merged report it is supposed to list credit card A three times then credit card B threes times.

    I never liked to get merged reports because they don't always come out in order. Sometimes the tradelines get mixed up and you can have

    B of A
    B of A
    Credit card xxx
    Credit Card xxx
    B of A
    Credit card xxx
    Stupid people collection
    Stupid people collection
    Stupid People collection

    It makes it very hard to read and follow for me. But that's just me. Last time I bought all three I asked for them to be run seperatly, but paid only for the merged.

  4. MistyEyed

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    I ordered my merged report from True Credit and really like it. Its laid out in 3 columns across the paper. Once column for each CRA. Then it goes through all accounts on all reports and posts the status of each for each CRA. So it kinda looks like...

    ACCOUNT ------------Exp ----- EQ ------ TU
    SomeCompany ------Info here --Info------No info

    So it laid out like atable. I love it so I can compare each account and see at a glance if all three CRA's are reporting accurate info on me.

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