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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by tinaboo, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. tinaboo

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    I've just received a letter from a The Law Offices of Mitchell N.Kay, P.C. and the creditor is Midland Credit Management, Inc.- MCI Communications SErvices. My question is, 1- I've never received documentation from Midland about this dept. 2- I disputed a charge from MCI 2 years ago, as not mine. It was removed from my report. And MCI don't have any record of this account and that it has gone to collections. What should be my plan of action. This "law" office, actually sounds like a collection office. do I contact Midland with a letter or the law office
  2. NCLady

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    I'd contact BOTH with a letter. I just did that very thing myself with MCM & Mann Bracken. Will see what the results are. May be a moot point for me...they've sent the claim to the NAF(National Arbirtation Forum). I'd bet your "law" office is just another "extension" of a CO.
  3. tinaboo

    tinaboo New Member

    Any info. would be greatly appreciated

    Any info. would be greatly appreciated
  4. jtc79

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    Tinaboo I had a collection account with them for Citbank. They pretent to be a law firm, however they are not. The only good thing about this collection office is that if you sent them a nice letter describing that you were unaware of this debt and you will pay if deleted they will delete it. It came off all three bureau report in less then 30 days. So if you do decide to pay use the nice pfd letter.
  5. ontrack

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    There are other reports on the web of them collecting on debt for which they can produce no records.

    Is the debt even legitimate, and is it even yours? Did you ever have an account with MCI?

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