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  1. Momof3

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    In an early post I was discussing the huge difference between my husband's score with Equifax and TU both having collection account, Ex doesn't have it. After going over these reports with a fine tooth comb I think I figured it out. Ths account seems to be reported with Equifax as open and in CURRENT deliquency while TU has to as a closed account sent to collections huge difference. Reasoning codes mentioned CURRENT deliquency, CURRENT amount owed etc. I started an online dispute and disputed the account being open, it that doesn't work I am writing EQuifax and try it that way. I know this is the main reason it appears open and currently delinquent.

  2. Nave

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    Maybe that explains the drastic change that you noticed for the same CRA scores from one period to the next.

    Maybe the TU report had it listed as current delinquency than updated it to closed...while the Eq report never updated it.

    That would not only explain the difference between the TU and EQ scores but also the significant changes from one TU score to the next.

  3. Momof3

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    Actually TU always reported as closed his score was 660 with them with the collection. I knew something was wrong with the listing and they had better fix it pronto!!!
  4. Nave

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    Oh well it was a thought. I am behind you 100% though - fix it PRONTO! -Dave

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