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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by chuck, Feb 27, 2001.

  1. chuck

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    Is the Mobil Credit Card easy to get. I have bad credit I know I would't qualify but my wife has about "6" months worth of new Aria card credit. Her bureaus only show this account. She is new to the credit world. Any suggestions?? Thanks.
  2. RichGuy

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    Great Idea

    Mobil makes a lot of sense at this point. No annual fee, likely to approve, small limit, and I believe Monogram bank reports the payment history.

    If your wife wants more bankcards, one more subprime card might help. But instead of subprime cards with outrageous fees, your wife could use a few gas and retail cards to build a credit history. If she does, then good preapproved bankcard offers will follow soon enough. But for now, she needs to take the initiative and get a couple of other cards. With no annual fees, she has nothing to lose.

    With one bankcard and no negative credit, your wife can get some of the easier gas and retail cards right now. If she just makes her payments on time, she can quickly develop a good credit record.

    Easier cards to get would include Mobil or Exxon, Target, Spiegel, and surprisingly your local full-priced department store (for example, Macy's.)
  3. Chuck

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    Re: Great Idea

    I will take your advice and start looking for her. I think will try Target. No fee etc.

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