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    On August 28, 2000 I received the results of my first disputes. I disputed two accounts, one of them was State Student Aid. The item was verified and Equifax provided an address. On January 20, 2001 I wrote to State Student Aid using the address provided by Equifax. I received a brown card in the mail stating the the certified letter had been returned. I went to the Post Office today and picked it up. They said not deliverable as addressed stamped on the enveloped and included the dates the tried to deliver (hand written). I checked it twice and the address is exactly as given by Equifax. Now, if I send a copy of everything (letter, returned envelope, certified white receipt) do you think Equifax will accept this,remove the item because I am unable to verify and it has been past thirty days? I have an online dispute going right now so I would wait until that is completed. What do you guys think?
    P.S. I hate Equifax, it is my worst report (3 neg. items) and they won't fall off until 6/2002.
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    Name in wrong spot (it's late).
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    Equifax did this to me too. My letter was returned to sender address unknown yet they say they verified at this address. I haven't pursued it yet though.
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    These idiots did the same to me re: my bk. I called them and asked who they verified it with and they couldn't tell. The rep then said something to the effect of "well what do you want us to do about it?". I told her I wanted them to verify it like they are supposed to do and to not play games. Within 10 days it was removed.

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