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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Godes, Apr 11, 2001.

  1. Godes

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    Every one says how you help them with your plan to improve someones credit. What that you told them. I need my credit to look better in the next 90 days. I found a house I want they say bad credit is ok. But I wan to know what to do to really boost my credit rating really fast. I also plan to have 10% down but I need this as well

    Can you help me

    Please post here and email me anyone on what I can do to get the boost i need.

    Thanks for you help all
  2. Momof3

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    A few questions. What exactly is on your reports, delinquencies, lates, charge offs?? Do you have open accounts and if so , how old are they and what are your balances/limits ratios?? Did they tell you what your scores were? What kind of loan are you applying for? And what rates were you quoted??

  3. godes

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    I have lates on there mostly high limit balance ratios. I have a auto loan that was repod but I have it back and I do not think it is on there the repo i mean. its show in good standing and it was co-signed for. I have one credit card i have had for years 2 or 3 a visa I have 3 charged off visa's the visa i have is not over 30 late i pay but not alway ontime due to how I get paid bit I am planning to stop using and just pay on it. I have a target card that is not over 30 and have had for even. until just recently was never late on that. I have several share secured loans showing paid excellant 1 was late and my student loand are there in deferrment I am still a student. so that is the just of it.

    this how is 38k dollars and I have not gotten any quotes yet I dont really want them pluging into my credit until its right try not to get any inquiries on it at all. I just got me one of those everyday debit cards from to use for money managing and online purchases to avoid using my credit. I have like 10 bills in collectios agencies that are really small that I plan to pay off soon not over maybe 600.00 and and like a phone bill or 2 I plan to pay on as well to show attempt to at least settle them.

    So sounds like hell huh what can you do for me.

  4. Momof3

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    Your lates are hurting, collections are also a big score killer and having your cards near limits will seriously hurt your scores. lates over time will become less of a factor, but time frams is around 2 year for lates to have an effect. Your need to get your balances down this contributes about 35% percent of your score. I honestly don't think you can make a big impact in 90 days. You may want to do a search for the Junum thread. Junum is a company that disputes your negatives and have a very good success rate, but this will also take some time. You mentioned your collections, if you settle with them try to get them to agree IN WRITING to remove in exchange for payment. From what you mentioned you have alot of serious things waying down your scores and you are going to need some time to fix these things.
  5. godes

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    thanks not sure it lates are still showing because i never get over 30 days which is where they start posting it. secondly everthing else is about 1-3 years old by I agree I am goign to shoot for trying to make the purchase in december with like 20% down I guess that is time to work hard and clean up I hope. what other things can you suggest that will help me.

  6. numnuts20

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    There are many well-documented ways of buying a house while having negative information on your credit report.Here's two of the more popular............

    1) Contract for deed. Have the seller finance your home instead of a bank. Make payments to the former owner of the home. There doesn't even have to be a credit report run on you.

    2) Assumable mortgage. There are hundreds of properties in each major metropolitan area that carry assumable mortgages. When buying these properties the mortgage is just transferred into your name without you having to requalify. Once again, there isn't a credit report run on you.

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