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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by rackt3, Sep 29, 2003.

  1. rackt3

    rackt3 Well-Known Member

    I've been trying to help my brother fix his credit, and had been making some headway.. until today when I noticed a bombshell.

    A collections agency started reporting a collections account from his cell phone company. Just a few weeks ago, my brother says he had called and spoke to someone there at sprint (he has her name and number), and disputed the amount they say he owes..he didn't talk to Allied Interstate (the collection agency in question). He then made a payment, and was told by the rep at sprint that they would send him a letter. He never got such a letter, but then today we noticed Allied Interstate reporting a collections account for this same account.

    Help please!
  2. jam237

    jam237 Well-Known Member

    #1) Did the payment clear, was it an over-the-phone credit/debit card, or check transaction that you would have a 'receipt' for on his bank statements?

    #2) Send VD to the CA, and dispute the entry on the CRAs as soon as the green card is signed for.

    Now, if the CA contacts the OC, the OC should tell them that it was already paid, prior to being sent to collections. This would also be your dispute with the CRAs.
  3. rackt3

    rackt3 Well-Known Member

    Actually, my brother made part of the payment that Sprint says he owes... not all of it. But I've been doing some searching here, and one person said they disputed a collection item from sprint as soon as they say it, and it came off.. even before actually paying anything else
  4. jam237

    jam237 Well-Known Member

    How quickly and if it'll come off usually depends on how well sprint and the CA have done their reporting documentation.

    If sprint gave the CA his ssn, and they actually find the records during the verification period, chances are they'll respond as soon as they can.

    Thats the reason for suggesting overlaying the validation, and the verification as soon as you know they signed the green card, that will allow you to give them the 30 day deadline for verification, on the validation.

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