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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Laura, Jan 19, 2001.

  1. Laura

    Laura Guest

    I've been trying to get my equifax report online for a week. Tried on Monday, Wednesday and was finally able to get it last night (thursday). A few minutes ago, I decided to balance my checkbook and I have it set up to do online banking. When I got to my register, I found that Equifax has billed me three times @ $8.50 each. The first two times I tried, it declined my card and I was unable to access the report. Now I find out I have been billed 3 times for the lousy thing and I can NOT even dispute online, because I have to go through my local credit bureau. They "OWN" my file, per equifax. For the money and headache I've had this week, I should have hired a Now I can't get anyone on the phone at equifax but voice mails. GRRRRRRRR
  2. katrina

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    You know Laura I had the same problem that you are having. I went down to my local "experian" bureau and received similar treatment that you described in your post. I mailed another dispute letter to no avail..I finally called over the phone and DEMANDED to speak with a supervisor. bottom issues are now resolved. Try that approach...

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