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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by J. Edgar, Sep 11, 2000.

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    Greetings: I'm sure you have all been paying rapt attention to my saga of trying to close two FirstUSA credit cards. When we last left our former credit card holder (that's me), he was in possession of letter confirming once again that the account were indeed, closed. Yet despite this, I continued to receive convenience checks on the closed accounts. I sent them another scathing letter regarding their deceptive trade practices and received the following response today.

    "It takes two or more billing cycles for checks and other offers to stop being issued."

    DUH!! What? Do you have morons working in your IT department. How simple is to code into the convenience check issuing software?

    "If record.account_closed = true then <skip to next record> else calculate promotional rate...."

    Really! These people must be totally clueless boobs.
  2. Jo

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    RE: More FirstUSA bungling and

    LOL...Holy @!#$...sorry to laugh, but I think that this whole ordeal has been hilarious...I mean, sorry about the stuff you're going through, but this really makes me question whether or not it's even worth it to have credit cards based upon numerous experiences like yours. You're right...what boobs...maybe you should really get their panties in a twist and call them demanding to know why your card was declined @ Tiffany' should try that... ;-D
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    RE: More FirstUSA bungling and

    If someone else stole those checks, which you had no reason to believe even existed, then you can bet First USA would reopen your account and charge you all kinds of fees.

    Or you could decide to use them, forgetting the account had been closed. Then they would also reopen the account, for a price.

    Sadly enough, that could be their intent in sending you the checks.

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