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    Originally posted by lbrown59
    Most issues I read here deal with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and CRAs or the Fair Debt Collection Act & Collectors.

    Other topics that need addressed are The Fair Billing Act, the Truth in Lending Act and the Deceptive or Misleading Advertising Act.

    Many of the problems discussed on this board are a direct result of (1) Violations of these acts (2) Weaknesses in the acts and (3) consumers not knowing their rights under these Laws.

    Why not start here to prevent spilling the milk instead of waiting until it gets to collectors and CRA's where we have to mop it up?

    What is your take on this - any input?
    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FAIR BILLING ACT TRUTH IN LENDING ACT Deceptive or Misleading Advertising Act. FROM NEW YORK
    I just did a search for those terms. Everyone READ-UP!!!
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