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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by GHONEYHONE, Oct 31, 2001.


    GHONEYHONE Well-Known Member

    before i waste an inquire can someone tell me what my odds are? i have bk 9yrs ago someother collections since paying ford motor on time for two years have cap one,providan,orchard bank,fcnb,spiegel, and first premire all of which have been paid on time. i make 30,000 a year and do not own my own home any feed back would help would like to get a lower intrest rate and transfer the sub prime cards to it
  2. mindylou

    mindylou Well-Known Member

    Put all your negatives on your reports in dispute, and then apply sounds like you could have a chance, the bankruptcy should be off your report soon, I think it's7-10 years for bankruptcy. If your approved for the silver apply again immeadiatly for the aa gold. Whats your FICO score like?

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    GHONEYHONE Well-Known Member

    currently junum is getting alot of stuff off but trans union is tough. how do i get my fico
  4. kustomkat

    kustomkat Well-Known Member

    they are handing Citi AA cards out like candy..
    as long as you have and open trade line in good standing and no negs in the last few years you are good to go....


    "the 600 club"
  5. mindylou

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    the only place to get a true FICO score is through equifax, experian offers a score through creditexpert, and transunion you have to get it thru snail mail and it comes with a score, but it is not the real score, just a consumer score.


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