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  1. Michael

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    I really feel we can help eachother out by posting more positive postings on this board, along with all the other stuff posted.

    I will start this by leting everyone know that a friend of mine I've been helping establish credit just got a Discover Platinum with $10,000.00 limit.

    My friend has a Aria Card, and a Future Card with about 1yr history, and a Next with 6 months history.

    This should give you all some encuragement towards what is possible with even little credit. I also was pleased to see a prior posting of the woman who got a U.S. Bank Visa with only a cell phone as a trade line!

    Let's share these posts and learn from them!
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    My girfriend Judy keeps getting offers and accepted. She has built her credit to almost $100,000 in about 3 years. All she does with her credit is participate in the CreditWorks program. She had a couple of late payments and less than $5,000 in credit when she started. You can do it too, even without joining our program. All it takes is patience and discipline.

    Profit from the experience.
  3. BarryN - C

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    I am curious. Was your friend in financial trouble before starting the credit building? It is different building credit with "zero" history than say with "damaged" history. My stepson is a junior in college and has platinum cards in his wallet. He is building from scratch which I beleive is much easier.

    Congrats on your friends progress.


  4. David D.

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    I think - from what I've read - that building credit from scratch is easier than building from a previously damaged history. If you don't jump in right away by applying for AMEX, Chase, etc. with no credit, and start with small limits from probably sub-prime lenders, you would be amazed at how fast - with responsible use - you are able to qualify for prime cards.
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    Yes I agree ! We'll it's easy to focus on the negitive, it would be adventageous to focus on the postive. This is a very informative message board, we can all really learn alot from eachother. Some of these merchants sure have alot of negitive postings and rightly so, but too be fair to everyone here, we should also (If Possible )try to say something positive. I see alot of people posting they have some of the cards being slammed here, and while it's good to keep everyone informed it can't make them feel very good. Everyone has different credit situations/circumstances they should ever have to feel ashamed of the cards they carry. We should help them make sure they get the best out of the cards they carry, and offer advice if it's from one of the merchants with bad raps. There are alot of great creditcard issuers out there, so if your have one your not satisfied with you may find another if your unable to correct the reason for dissatisfaction. You'll be amazed at what merchants will do if you throw your weight around a little .
  6. Michael

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    Yes he did start with Zero, which is easier than cleaning up damaged credit.
  7. Steven Z

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    RE: No credit history/bad hist

    That is a 100% fact. Which is unfortunate that there are so many so-called "credit experts" or individuals running credit sites who INSIST that the beginning credit seeker ONLY option is the ripoff sub-prime companies.

    It was this very factor that brought me on to the credit sites in the first place. And the amount of mis-information and just plain wrong info on this very subject was/is incredible (a number of whom worked for credit card companies!!)

    When nothing can be further from the truth. In contrast to this fable being perpetuated said individual needs only stop by most any PRIME bank (that means BofA, Chase, Citibank) and will have no difficulty obtaining a secured card there.
  8. Michael

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    RE: No credit history/bad hist

    I could not agree more.

    This also goes to show the old saying Knowledge is Power is truer now with the internet than ever before!

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