More Slander (and now against Creditnet)

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by apexcrsrv, Sep 8, 2008.

  1. apexcrsrv

    apexcrsrv Well-Known Member

    I am now getting personally hammered on Rip-Off-Report as well as creditnet itself. Fred or Hank whoever it may be are saying I am not an attorney. This is a lie insofar as anyone can visit the TN Board of Professional Responsibility and see my Bar Number. For anyone who doesn't know, my name is Jason Barnette and I am counsel for Apex Credit Services, LLC amongst having my own firm.

    I would appreciate any help anyone here could provide. This is getting rather sickening and our Complaint is being drafted for Rip-Off-Report. Hopefully, we can get it filed this week but, I would still hope some rationale people from here that we've helped would take our side. Anyone that has ever dealt with us here know that we run a tight ship and do things by the book. Of course, we are held to a higher standard and I ensure that things are done legally and honestly.

    In short, we need your support as does creditnet itself from these unwarranted attacks.
  2. KHM

    KHM Well-Known Member

    File your petition, let the courts do their job, and all will be well.
  3. apexcrsrv

    apexcrsrv Well-Known Member

    The Complaint will be filed this week. However, litigation may be protracted and we need some supporters to chime in during the interim. Anyone who views these postings can see how transparent they are. They are completely unsubstantiated and will not be so because they are flat out lies.
  4. sean126

    sean126 Member

    Forgive me for saying so, but your just making yourself look bad arguing with this idiot on that website.

    The first couple of rebuttals were fine, but after that....he just sucked you right in and you fell for it. Any normal intelligent person can see what the deal is after a few back and forth exchanges. He got upset, impatient and felt he was treated wrong. The company explained their side very well also. Then you ended up looking as silly as he is for the simple fact that your arguing with him and giving his exaggerations credibility.

    Sometimes....saying less also wins an argument, especially with someone who likes sucking people into a big silly argument.

    If he's done something wrong...sue. If not....your making it worse at this point by arguing with him.

    I'm just an outsider looking in, is all. Don't take it as a jab or insult.
  5. apexcrsrv

    apexcrsrv Well-Known Member

    I can see your position Sean. However, when one just spouts out lies after lies, you can't let the go unfettered. Also, I was merely correcting the lies so as one is not to think that I am not an attorney. That was a serious allegation.

    You can also appear guilty by failure to reply.

    In any event, we are suing and I agree that no more rebuttals are warranted. And I agree that most "rationale" people could have seen what you saw but, the problem is that alot of people aren't all that rationale.
  6. sean126

    sean126 Member

    hahahahahha.....I can vouch for that too. I've met some amazingly stupid people in my life that will believe anything.

    Good luck to you. Complaining is one thing...but to exaggerate and mis-state facts, no matter how mad, is the same as lying. I agree that he crossed the line.
  7. angie1313

    angie1313 Member

    Is there anything we can do to help you out?
  8. apexcrsrv

    apexcrsrv Well-Known Member

    Actually, upon reflection, probably not. You can go on there and state good things about us but, it tends to drive it up in the Google index.

    You can if you wish though.

    In any event, Apex Credit Services will be suing this company. I've already spoken with Maria Speth and some other gentlemen and Jaburg and Wilk and they are not going to capitulate. The owner of the site will not communicate with me. We have no other choice.
  9. wiserocz

    wiserocz New Member

    Well I have to say I was Googling Apex Credit Services and finding that website gave me great pause. I am new to the credit repair arena due to a crazy ex wife and thus crazy and very marred up credit. I really don't have an extra amount of time to chase down everything she has done, between being a full time dad and having a full time career. The idea of just paying a reputable business to repair your credit appeals to me.

    What I would like to know is what is apex's relationship to this site and who here has actually dealt with Apex and how did it go? How much did it cost? Did you get the results you were looking for?
  10. angie1313

    angie1313 Member

    Sure no problem!! :)
  11. apexcrsrv

    apexcrsrv Well-Known Member

    We have no relationship with this site other than posting upon it for free. We have had people come to us from here but, there has been nothing but positive results.

    As for the page that gave you pause, hopefully you could see how transparent it was and that our rebuttals brought forth the truth.

    As for feedback, just google "Best Credit Repair." Apex Credit Services, LLC is ranked number three and there are many testimonials. We are also licensed, bonded, CDIA certified and a long standing BBB member.

    One can tell the difference in us simply by looking at our website or speaking to us.

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