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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by David, May 29, 2001.

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    ....I pulled my Experian report when we got back in after a short family vacation last nite.

    Lo and behold, when I went to and pulled, BOTH CA accounts from the dreaded $68 Sprint bill are g-o-n-e. (Raising a toast with champagne and Dixie Cups).

    After my LizardKing inspired letters at the end of April, I received a letter stating voluntary deletion from one of the CA's, who happened to be on all three. That one is gone from Equifax, gone from Experian, but still showing on TransUnion.

    I even sent a copy of the voluntary deletion letter to all three just to "speed things up a bit" (I have no patience).

    My only puzzlement is that the SECOND CA that is now gone from Experian has sent me nothing, and they're approaching the 30 day mark (from when the return receipt card was signed anyway [they were never on Equifax--only the other two]).

    I did mention in my last letter to Experian that "here's the letter from CA one, and I've sent for validation from CA #2, and if they continue to ignore me, then blaseh blaseh you and blaseh blaseh them, litigation, and so on".

    Does anyone think (or maybe know) that they removed #2 because of the letter, or is it more likely that #2 removed themselves, but didn't notify me/haven't notified me yet?

    And why does TransUnion take their sweet ass time?



    Hope everyone had a safe Memorial Day weekend.

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