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  1. dc

    dc Member

    what are the chances of getting a 100% fha mortgage with a score of 585 and a tax lien ? I need this like yesterday and for various reasons this property musy be closed on by august 1 2001..I live in Jersey if anyone can help with the mortgage broker.... I e-mailed that gentleman Don that is so popular from AIM/MET and I haven't heard anything yet..........HELP
  2. NanaC

    NanaC Well-Known Member

    go to their websites and call them...
  3. breeze

    breeze Well-Known Member

    You might try contacting Scott Davis on the yahoo credit repair board.

    jeepers, I sure am posting a lot about them lately. Just coincidence, I don't work for them or anything. LOL

  4. CF

    CF Active Member

    FHA Max is 97%. With your scores I would try Household Bank. They will give you 100% financing w/ a blended score of 580+ (they blend scores by taking an average of your 2 highest.) If you can't get this program directly through them go to a local broker and tell them to get approved with Decision One (A Household Company.) Hope this helps.

  5. dc

    dc Member

    Thank You ,Thank You ,Here's another dumb question , does anyone know how to get in touch with household ? Whay do you think the probability is of getting an approval and what is the time frame I am looking at?????
  6. KristyW

    KristyW Well-Known Member

    They may have a local office in your area. In addition, some of your local mortgage brokers may carry the Household product.
  7. dc

    dc Member

    o.k. here it is , household bank only lends you $ if you already own a home. So the quest still goes on , doe's anyone know of any other lending institution's who will loan 126000. to a first time home buyer with that god awful score and lien's?????
  8. Illini

    Illini Well-Known Member

    If you do let me know.

  9. dc

    dc Member

    If anyone has any experience and they let me know follow along......
  10. KristyW

    KristyW Well-Known Member

    Ford Credit will usually take anyone on, but the rate will be something 11% adjustable, and you may have to put quite a bit of money down.
  11. dc

    dc Member

    Kristy, Thanx for the tip , the 11% doesn't bother me however tha adjustable part is a little scary. Does anyone have any thing not so chancey?
  12. mspencer

    mspencer Member

    I would call a builder if I were you. They can work miracles. They can do FHA with no money with something called sweat equity. If you are a first time homebuyer it's worth a shot. I hope you're not self-employed. Bad credit and self-employed don't mix in the mortgage business.
  13. jael

    jael New Member

    I don't honestly see how you'll be able to do this by August 1. There's just not enough time between now and then. I refinanced my house last summer. It took 4 full weeks to get everything done and ready to close, and that was with me pushing for speed all the way and no hiccups.
  14. kbadeaux

    kbadeaux Member

    Try calling country wide mortgage and tell them that you want the ameridream down payment grant (3%) and a 30-year fha loan (there's your 100% financing). My husband and I just did that (made the offer on June 26th and moved in yesterday).

    Countrywide offers both fixed fha (fixed rate) and arm (adjustable rate mortgages) We got a arm at 5.5% interest.

    You don't want 100% financing (or 103%) as they charge you a higher rate of interest.

    BTW my husbands "ficos" were 600 equifax, 679 TU and 664 Experian--I have no "fico" as I have no American credit history.

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