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  1. k

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    who knows if you can get a three-percent down loan (non-fha) with prime rates if you have a good fico score?
  2. newhouse

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    Hi...I jsut closed on Thursday (yay!) with 3% down, NO PMI, conventional, with a 660 score. Bank of America - special first time homebuyer program. $500 had to be my own funds, but could borrow/be given the rest of the 3% down.

    Check with your agent, and your county/city/state Dept.'s of Housing - they often have special programs
  3. newhouse

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    Ooops...forgot to say that the interest rate was 6.5% with no points of anykind
  4. Worried

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    What CRA does Bank of America use?
  5. newhouse

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    For almost all mortgage lenders, incluidng BofA, they pull what is called a tri-merge report, which is a consolidation of info on all three reports. They use your middle credit score.
  6. MikeG

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    Bank of America

    Bank of America also has a 3% down program where the interest rate is adjustable. The interest rate of the loan is always 1% below market, which right about now would be nice.

    Mike G.

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