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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by MistyEyed, Apr 27, 2001.

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    Before I had hired Junum last month I had already sent out one round of disputes myself to equifax. Well I got them back yesterday. I must say I am a little disappointed. Summary of my results...

    Afni _ Collection account for AT &T which was not even mine. I called Afni directly and mailed which they were unable to validate the account. However, Equifax has found some devine intervention I suppose. For the account the first line says unable to verify account and right under that it says We have verified this account as yours. WHAT!? How can you not verify and verify at the same time. Im so lost here.

    Quadruple listing of one account on my report. The wrote back saying they verified them all.

    Two credit lines from American General - Deleted

    Rome Finance - Deleted (was an eroneous report was never mine)

    Ill let Junum handle the rest but I guess this was OK for my first time.

    Also on a minor note on Junum...anyone know what their time frame is from when they claim they sent the letters and when they really do. I have mailed letters to credit reporting agencies and got my return letter stating the investiagation has started about aweek after I sent it. They claimed they sent mine at the end of March but I got all my letters yesterday telling me the investiagation is just now starting! how discouraging, wondering if this is a tactic from them to make me pay longer than I need to so they make more money.

  2. LKH

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    I don't think this is Junums' fault. I believe this how the cras's get themselves more that 30 days to investigate. They send a letter 10-15 days after they receive the disputes. This has not happened to me but, I have read this several times here. I have never received a confirmation letter from any of the cras' and I am on round 2 with TU and Exp. Equifax claimed after 2 mailings that they never received the disputes. Junum, finally, after 2 months sent it out certified mail, and it still took them 10 days to admit receiving it.
  3. Pat

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    I'm in my 4th round of disputes. On each dispute both Experian and TU sent me a confirmation about 20 to 25 days out and then took about another 10 -30 to respond to the dispute.

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