Motion to Vacate Granted. How do I deal with the CRA's?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Sporatica, Apr 7, 2014.

  1. Sporatica

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    The court granted my motion to vacate default and default judgment. I would like to have those removed from the CRA's. I don't think the dispute form is the proper method, since there's nothing to investigate. I have copies of the Court Order. What's the best way to approach the CRA's for removal?
  2. jam237

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    OK. First, you want to make sure both the judgment and the lein are taken off AT THE COURTHOUSE!

    Having a copy of the vacate order & lein release will help, but first, you want to make sure the courthouse is updated.

    Secondly, public records are updated differently than most other accounts, they are looked at (supposedly) at the courthouse.

    Once you know that the courthouse has them removed, send the CRAs the dispute letter, no documentation.

    If they verify, and you know the courthouse has them removed, then you escalate the dispute and provide the copies.

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