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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Tony, May 19, 2000.

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    I posted about this before, but got no response, so I'm going to try again. I'll try to be succinct. I had to go to the emergency room 3 times 3 years ago, and I never received a bill for the services. I have good insurance, so I assumed it was all taken care of. I got a credit report recently & saw that there were 3 "accounts" with the same collection agency, one for the hospital itself, one for the doctor and 1 for some other department of the hospital. I called the collection agency & paid everything I owed immediately, which was more than was listed on the report, but I wanted to pay everything I owed. I had also never received any bills from them & my address has not changed. I got another copy of my report recently, and they are now listing a total of 7 accounts - each one from a different department in the hospital on the 3 emergency room visits. The total of everything is $376 and the accounts range from $17 to $102. Does it look much worse on my credit to have 7 accounts, even though the amounts are small & they all come from the same place. Is there anything I can do? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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    RE: multiple collection "

    I would contact the hospital and ask them for a copy of all the bills in question,
    then I would contact the insurance company
    and see what the hospital sent to them, and
    see what they paid. After you receive all
    the papers then you can make a educated decision on what to do.

    Be sure and tell the Hospital you want a copy of the original and what they billed the insurance co for. Hospitals have been known to double bill people to try and get more money. Look at the bill and make sure
    everything on it is true. I had a hospital
    emergency room bill my insurance co. $3000
    for X-RAYS and setting and appying a cast
    to a broken leg. This was hilarious, the
    only thing they did was put 5 stitches on my
    knee where i split it open sliding into second base, the base moved and I hit the metal support, that's all they did, the corrected bill was $396.00. Hope this has helped.

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