My Credit Card Dropped Me!

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by brklyn5, Aug 6, 2003.

  1. brklyn5

    brklyn5 Member

    I've had my Providian gold card since 2000 & I haven't been late in about a year or more. I just received a letter in the mail today, informing me that my account has been sold to a company called Aspire and they've closed my account. I'm not over my limit and I haven't even charged up to half of my overall limit. I read a few posts on the site about the love/hate relationship with Aspire.

    What I need to know is this right? Is this fair? I'm in the process of rebuilding my credit and now my second oldest card (the first opened in 1999) is gone. Is there anything I can do about this?
  2. psp in nm

    psp in nm Well-Known Member

    Providian just sold off a major portion of their CC portfolio. You might give them a call and ask if you will be issued another card.
  3. brklyn5

    brklyn5 Member

    Are you saying I should contact Providian about getting a card from them I can't they have an automated system that asks for your credit card # & SS #. Since the account has been sold & closed by Providian they will not talk to me about it, and now since Aspire has decided to close the account they won't talk to me about it either.

    I guess what I need to know now is, would it be best to open another credit card before this closed status hits my credit report? or pay off the remaining balance & then look for another card?
  4. Hedwig

    Hedwig Well-Known Member

    They may have jacked your rates sky-high too, since the account is closed.

    Try Planetfeedback and see if you get any success there. They should at least tell you why they closed it, and what credit bureau they pulled. Then you should be able to get your report corrected and ask for reconsideration. I realize that we're dealing with Aspire, though. I have no experience with them, have just read a lot about them on this board.

    If you can qualify for another card with balance transfers, get it and transfer the balance to the new card.

    As far as scores go, I don't know what is better, having the new tradeline or just an old one that is obviously going to be marked "closed by credit grantor."
  5. brklyn5

    brklyn5 Member

    The double whammy with this one is, i've made my wife an auth user on the card so the good credit I was building with this card would rub off on her. Now she will have the same closed status on her CR

    Don't you just love credit..
  6. supershawn

    supershawn Well-Known Member

    Similar situation.... Providian sold my GetSmart card to "cardworks'. Interest rate went from 9.99 to 29.99. I called 'cardworks' and they do not change rates, they do not give increases, they do not really discuss accounts "but you can send a letter if you want to try" (what the csr told me).

    I called Providian and they offered to open a new Providian Card for me. I asked about the requirements and they said that you could have no current or previous negatives on your CR and they pulled two. I said 'No Thanks'. They pulled anyway...three times in one day (three hards) on each TransUnion and Experian. I am currently fighting to get them off....

    Your mileage may vary, but that's how it happened to me....

  7. Hedwig

    Hedwig Well-Known Member

    Your wife may be able to dispute the negative line as "not mine" and get it removed, since she was an AU, not a joint account holder. She'll lose the line, but it's not a positive anymore.
  8. 8004me

    8004me Well-Known Member

    Your not alone I had two Providian accounts last year and they jacked the one closed it and sold it to Emerge if I recall right at 23.99%.
    Transfer that balance if you can fast.
    They did show the account as closed by consumer on my reports
  9. brklyn5

    brklyn5 Member

    Thanks for the replies, I guess now I'm on the hunt for a new credit card. I know creditnet & bankrate give ratings on new credit cards are there any other sites that give this information?
  10. PsychDoc

    PsychDoc Well-Known Member

    Welcome back, Shawn!


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