My credit is getting better!!

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by PSUgirl, May 13, 2001.

  1. PSUgirl

    PSUgirl Guest

    Im excited to say that my credit is getting better.

    Here is my history:

    Started out in credit land in 1998 (freshman year of college) with:
    -Approved for a MBNA credit card for 1000 limit.
    -Approved for a ATnT universal card for 500 limit.
    -Approved for a MBNA gateway loan for 1000.00 limit
    -ATT cell phone with no deposit.

    By 2000:
    -MBNA credit card
    closed by credit grantor

    maxed out, new balance around 1800 with limit of 1000 (charges and fees) APR 23.9

    within two years-2-30 days lates, 3-60days, 7+-90days, max delinquincy of 120 in 11/99.

    had to get on a reduced pament plan because i was in college and working part time.

    -ATT universal card
    maxed out, new balance 500 limit 500.

    within two years- 3-30 days, 2-60 days, 4-90days, 2-120days.

    -MBNA loan:
    charged off 1/2000.

    new balance around 1700 (fees and charges), limit 1000.

    APR 26.9%

    -ATNT Cell Phone

    sent to collections with a 200.00 early cancelation fee on it.

    BEACON 573


    Now heres what happed in 2000-2001:

    -MBNA credit card

    off reduced payment plan

    got MBNA to change "canceled by grantor to canceled by consumer"

    got account deleted off trans union

    got account reporting with NO lates on equfax

    account remains on experian (still disputing)

    New bal now around 1500.00 APR 18.4

    -ATNT univeral
    account paid off in full March 2001

    account deleted of trans union

    account reportting with No lates, "closed by grantor" on equifax

    account remains negative on experian.

    -MBNA loan
    settled account for 1030.00

    transfered settled amount to a 2.99 card.

    account deleted off trans union

    account remains negative on equifax and experian. (still disputing)

    -ATT cell
    Paid collection

    account NEVER reported on credit reports.

    BEACON 608

    New credit: (in order that i received them)

    applied for many credit cards, loans, ect... many denies.

    Received (all starting january 2001)
    Providian visa classic: 100.00 limit
    capital one secured visa: $49 deposit, 300 limit
    capital one master secured: 99 deposit, 500 limit

    Now, 4 months later:

    I now have:

    -Providian visa classic (opened 1/01): 200 limit
    ~currently being reviewed for an increase

    -Capital one secured visa (opened 2/01): 2400.00 limit.
    ~i combined the master card onto the visa an managed to get an increase.

    -Household mastercard (opened 04/01): 1500 limit

    -GM mastercard (opened 04/01): 1500 limit

    -Spiegel charge (opened 02/01): 400 limit

    -Friedmans Jewelers charge(opened 11/00): 500 limit

    BEACON 683


    -applied for citibank student drivers edge mastercard, i was approved...calling monday to find out limt.

    -being reconsidered for the click AA card from citibank.

    -being reconsidered for the platinum select from citibank.

    -working on removing inquries from transunion

    -working on removing MBNA loan, and inquires from equfiax.

    -working on removing MBNA laon, ATT credit card, MBNA credit card, and inquires from experian.


    Good luck to everyone in the credit journey!

  2. PSUgirl

    PSUgirl Guest

    Forgot to add that:

    I got a cell phone from verizon, around 1 week ago with a 200 deposit.
  3. Mirage

    Mirage Well-Known Member

    PSUgirl: great job!

    Best regards,
  4. Jim

    Jim Well-Known Member

    Great PSUgirl. Yes, you made a few mistakes. We all do. But it is fantastic to see you taking the initiative and restoring your credit. Newcomers on the board can learn from you.
  5. Surphie

    Surphie Well-Known Member


    anyway I have a question...isn't it better to keep your credit in good standing rather than applying for new credit cards?. How many cards would you use?
  6. Geo

    Geo Well-Known Member

    Congrats!!. Don't apply for anymore credit by now, just wait and let the new accounts older
    if you got the negatives out of you reports you will be approved for platinum December.
  7. dd

    dd Member

    Why did the negatives get deleted?
  8. PSUgirl

    PSUgirl Guest

    Hi, thanks everyone...

    Im not applying for any new credit. The reconsiderations (of click AA and platinum select) where something of the past. I had to wait for the MBNA negetive account to get deleted off my transunion file first.

    I am working on my current credit.

    I managed to get the two secured cap one cards combined into one card and up my limit 1200 to 2400.00...

    Im also a security freak!!! -meaning, im an independent college student. Im always afraid that something could go wrong (get sick, car problems, emergencies, ect...)and I wouldnt have the money for the situation. So, credit providies me with security in a BIG way. You cant ever have enough security.

    I plan to carry around the GM card and citi drivers edge card(when i get it). the others i plan to keep for emergencies and not carry them around.

    I will use providian for gas, since the limit is so low...

    The others I will just use once a month for little things to keep a history going with them.

    I have made it a habit of paying off my accounts every month now.

    I am transfering the mbna loan 1030 settled balance to the GM with the 2.9 rate. The bal should be paid by mid july.

    Im also tranfering the MBNA credit card 1500 balance to household 3.99 rate and will also be paid off in mid july.

    Im also in the lookout for a new car and plan on getting one end of august. I will put at least 3000-5000 down to lower my risk.

  9. PSUgirl

    PSUgirl Guest

    I disputed them, and they where deleted because they could not be verified.

    Some where not accurately reported.

  10. PSUgirl

    PSUgirl Guest

    I also had success working it out with the creditors.

    For example, MBNA changed my "closed by credit grantor" to "closed by consumer." Then they sent me a letter in writing that states "at your request, your account is now closed."

    Just incase the CRA's dont want to change it, I know have proof!


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