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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Julie, Mar 16, 2001.

  1. Julie

    Julie Guest

    for those who did not beleive me, I did get 3 increase, within 3 weeks, from cap one, actually, it was 15 days!! I first called, asking for increase. Mike, said to call in 24 hours, he would give me increase( i was over limit by $19, he wanted to wait 24 hrs to be under limit). I called next day, Mike was not at work due to blizzard. I told rep I was promised increase. She gave increase. Then I called another day, asked if I can get a bigger increase, after all, "Mike", had promised me a BIG increase(haha). She gave another increase. Then, 3rd time, I called and said that the rep that gave me last increase, was supposed to be watching my account, and they gave me 3rd increase. I am NOT going to make this up, I have nothing to gain. If you want more details, I will be happy, when I get back from store. Julie
  2. T.Y.

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    I belive you told the truth.In credit world anything could happen.I was approved Amex cash rebate card last March and I seldom use this card.I got $2,000 limit increase last Sep.Last week I got a offer from Amex ;if I transfer balance they will increase my limit from $4,000 to $14,000.The balance transfer checks come with 9.99% APR and no fee.
  3. SEAN

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    I find CapOne, one of the most conservative lenders, would not engage in three line increases in 15 days. Trying to get anything out of them is like pulling teeth, that's why I closed both visa and M/C plat. accounts I had with that company. All I asked from them was to report my credit limit on both accounts to the bureaus..they couldn't even do that!!

  4. Marie

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    Well, I did get Cap1 to go down on my APR to 17.9 and I called back a week later and asked where my 15.9 was :)
    Since that's what my other card is at: the rep said my visa was only reduced to 17.9

    17.9! Hmmm. can't you do better? He asked a supervisor (since the 17.9 must have been a mistake) and I got 13.9!!! It's a decent rate. Now for those line increases :(
  5. bj

    bj Guest

    It all depends on the profitability of the account. I'm guessing it's run thru a little program to decide what's 'profitable' to offer you, and the don't offer what would loose them money. It'd be nice to have a risk anaylst here to shed some light on that.

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