My experience with Capital One

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Catrina Sm, Apr 12, 2000.

  1. Catrina Sm

    Catrina Sm Guest

    Thank you to everyone who has ever posted a message (good or bad) about any credit card on this site. This info has helped me make decisions about which card I choose to carry.

    I have had my Capital One card since 11/99 (technically since 12/00, because they screwed up my last name. when does Florence sound like Thomas). I called today to see if they would increase my limit and they did right over the phone, within a minute. Maybe it is because I pay my balance off in full online every month. I don't know why but I have no complaints. They even waived their annual fee last year. This seems to be a good company to establish credit with.
  2. John Debto

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    RE: My experience with Capital

    How did you get them to wave the annual fee? Mine is coming up next month.
  3. Catrina

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    RE: My experience with Capital

    I called because I hadn't received my corrected card but had charges (the annual fee). The CSR then told me that she could transfer me to someone who would credit me half or the whole annual fee. I just simply asked for it to be waived. Then on my next statement the entire fee was credited.
  4. Liz

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    RE: My experience with Capital

    I just applied for mine three weeks ago and should receive it any day now. I didn't know about this message board then but, from what I have read, I made a good choice.

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