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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by allen074, Sep 5, 2003.

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    Please forgive my ignorance -- I typed in FICO in the search engine and got 5445 posts.

    Many people on this forum talk about checking their CRs and FICO scores every day, and I don't understand how they do this. I went to and all I found was pricing for one-time reports, with separate prices for all three of the top CRAs.

    Is there some kind of service you subscribe to that lets you have unlimited checks of your reports and FICO scores? Is that what these discount codes are for?

    Sorry if this sounds like a lame newbie question. My only defense is that I'm a lame newbie! :-(
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    hi starstuff - we were all newsbies once :)

    there are lots of yearly services - i dont think offers any tho

    if you want a yearly service here are the options i know about

    equifax - has a yearly service - either 4.95 a month or 9.95 a month

    experian - has credit watch

    tu - has a yearly service

    privacyguard - has a yearly service - a 3 mos trial is only one buck - i think this is somehting everyone should get - the awesome thing about this service is that you get all 3 reports everyday for 3 mos for one dollar :) no true fico scores but i think that you dont need the score everyday

    hope that helps! dont be afraid to ask questions!

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    Thanks, Allen, I'll check those out. I already have a free report on its way from Experian because of the rate hike Chase pulled on me.

    Does anybody know if companies check all three or do they have one "favorite" -- i.e., will the only CRA Chase uses be Experian?

    Not that it matters much, just curious.
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    Nevermind, I just found the thread that tells me where to go to find out.
    (sheepish grin ...)

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