my fico score will improve onc

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by milmil, Sep 25, 2000.

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    Currently my score is 574 (i know very bad) i 'm working with collectors to settle these old debt and i already pay off most of them , I tried to have these item remove from my report but no go all I'm getting is settle status does this action will improve my credit score?
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    RE: my fico score will improve

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    RE: my fico score will improve

    No, but if is any consolation, you'll have the collection agency off your back.

    I am no expert, but...

    Since you already began to pay them, a word of advise, GET EVERYTHING DOCUMENTED, so the collection agency can't try to charge you a 2nd time.

    Here's something to try, pay the collection, wait 90 days, dispute with the CRA in which the collection entry appears... maybe you'll catch a break and The CRA will delete the whole entry, since there's no debt.

    If you choose to wait, then, wait 7 years for the entry to fall off your credit report(s), (5 years if you live in NY).. only then will you have a higher FICO.

    good luck in your journey !
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    RE: my fico score will improve


    actually all these charge off from 94-96 but my loan office (mortgage) woull like me to paid these off before he can process the loan (FHA)

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