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  1. miles

    miles Well-Known Member

    is 743. This is close to what I received from Qspace. I am in such shock today! I'm finding it very hard to catch my breath :-0
    I just can't believe this is my score. Some of my balances on accounts are lower than what was reported. Maybe my score will go up a little more when creditors report this in the next cycle (I've paid off my car loan and a couple of credit cards). One of the issues lowering my score was that I had balances on too many accounts. This feels like a weight lifted off of my shoulders. It helps to know your score. It proves that all our hard work to improve our credit is worth it.
    Well, I just wanted to share with everyone. I know we had compared Qspace scores to FICO alot. It looks like Qspace was fairly accurate. Good luck to everyone! :)
  2. T.Y.

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    Miles,I am glad you got high score,So far you are the first person scored above 700 on this board ?
  3. miles

    miles Well-Known Member

    Thanks so much T.Y. Can you imagine my surprise? LOL

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