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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Toothman, Mar 31, 2001.

  1. Toothman

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    I just had a rather interesting experience with First Premier and wanted to share it and get your feedback.

    I am just starting the repair of my credit and they are a closed account that I haven't paid on in some time. The balance is only $335.25 with a credit limit of $250. If you know anything about First Premier, you know they issue their cards with a $250 limit and about $200 in fees to pay for the privilege of carrying their plastic.

    Well....I was very nervous about calling because I was sure I was going to have an unpleasant experience.

    So, I took the aggressive approach and called them and asked the rather pleasant service rep if I could make a $100 dollar payment over the phone. She seemed very excited that I was making a payment that large. In fact, she said she would take $25 off my account for making a check by phone payment and would annotate my account so that it will happen on my next two payments as well. I promised to pay in roughly equal parts over the next two months. So, this $25 per payment thing is really a good deal. Plus, she said as soon as the account is paid off, they would reopen the account.

    This is weird. I'm a deadbeat and call up with 1/3 payment of the total bill and they are polite, they give me an additional $25 subtracted from my balance, promise to do it each time and then want to re-open my account.

    I like it...but its weird.

    Has anyone had a aimilar experience and is their anyway to clean up the derog credit line for this creditor?
  2. eddie

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    Re: My First Premier Experienc

    First Premier sucks, be careful when dealing with them. Their fees are atrocious. They just want to suck you back into their own brand of subprime hell. Pay them off and get another sub prime card. First Premier sucks.
  3. DaveLV

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    Re: My First Premier Experienc

    My wife applied for a First Premier card without my knowledge. When it came in and I found out about all the fees, I had her call to cancel their account. When they realized she was serious about wanting to cancel they transfered her to someone who must have been in their retention department.

    She gave the phone to me at that point, and I told the person on the phone that the fees were outrageous and I wanted the account closed. They agreed at that point to credit all fees except the monthly "participation" charge. They told me that they would eliminate this charge after one year of positive activity and payment on the account. I kept the account open at this point.

    I figured I'd call them back in a year to see if they were being straight with me. In the meantime there is really no difference to me if the annual fee is payable all at once or in monthly installments since First Premier gets paid off each month and there are no finance charges.

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