my first round results...

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Ender, May 20, 2001.

  1. Ender

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    my "official" first round results..

    Hey all, I just wanted to update you guys on how my repair process has been going. I received results from TU today.. I am stil awaiting Experian. The reason why I call this my "official" first round is because this is my thorough and most complete comprehensive job according to my set time plan and schedule whereas before, I would send letters disputing items not necessarily in any particular order or such.

    Now the info: I was able to get 6 deletions on Equifax and 6 deletions from TU! Only 2 so far on Experian, but there are 3 other letters they are processing still I believe.. 2 are the halves that I am disputing at a time (12 or so on each letter) and the 3rd is the one disputing duplicates. Not too shabby so far for my serious efforts so far.. 2 more rounds before law suit - hope to get rid of as many as I can during these rounds!
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    Re: my "official" first round results..

    Have you had any luck getting public records off? If so which kind and with who? I have a paid judgement I am working on getting deleted and am curious of any success. I too had a good month of disputes this round. Thanks
  3. Ender

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    Re: my "official" first round results..

    The only public record I have on my record is a satisified judgement. I haven't managed to get this removed yet... but I also started another message thread on this. It is titled: how2remove paid jdgemnts?bilorany1?

    I have disputed the judgement as NOT MINE and NOT ACCURRATE.. I will do 2 more rounds as NOT ACCURATE and at the same time start researching the paperwork and the filing process to see if it was even done properly.. I am looking for any errors, then will attempt to file for reversal? (I don't know if that is the correct terminology).

    As for negatives still on my report:

    Experian - 23
    Equifax - 15
    TU - 15

    I still have to hear back from Experian from my first "official" round as well.. but deleting 6 or so from the other 2 comes out to be nearly 30% effectiveness?

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