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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Erica, May 31, 2001.

  1. Erica

    Erica Well-Known Member

    Hey gang,

    My friend signed up for an online entertainment service called Connections. She cancelled during the introductory period and was due an $80 credit for the annual membership fee.

    Bottom line: Connections says that they credited her card, her CC company has finished their investigation into the alleged credit and has found nothing.

    I have instructed her to request a letter from Connections stating that the credit has been processed and she already has a formal letter from her CC company regarding the investigation.

    I also asked her to file a BBB complaint against the company, but can she sue Connections for violating the Fair Credit and Billing Act?

    What are her next steps?

    Thanks in advance for your advice.
  2. river

    river Well-Known Member

    I would stick with trying to settle this between Connections and the CC company with the letters you mentioned and forget filing a lawsuit. It's not worth the time and money, she will spend over $80 to sue. I would suggest summitting a "letter of complaint" on PlanetFeedback and see what sort of response she will get from company president or CEO. Never know,worth a try.Good Luck!!!!!!!

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    Since the first $80.00 credit was never credited, DEMAND another credit from Connections.
  4. VJ

    VJ Well-Known Member

    Look into disputing the entire bill with the cc company as not received and have the entire original charge taken off with interest . Let connections prove the charges are viable and let them show to the cc co. where they credited back correctly.

  5. Erica

    Erica Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all of your advice. After speaking with my friend today, I found out that she demanded a credit from Connections and got it. They said they will mail her a refund check on Wednesday. Apparently Wednesday is the day that they pay their bills and willmail har a check, too.

    I have instructed her to follow up with a phone call on Wednesday to make sure that the check gets mailed.

    Anything I'm forgetting?

    Thanks in advance.

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