My good news from today (Long)..

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by hurricane5, Jun 8, 2001.

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    My good news from today (Long)...

    while looking through all of my home related papers (see my other post if you don't know what I'm talking about)...I came across some paperwork from a paid collection account from Comcast cable and their Collection agency, CMI..

    Quick background: When I moved a couple of years ago, Comcast (really the company that they bought out) didn't come to get their rather than leave them in the apt, we took them with was about 1 hour away, but they kept saying they would send someone to get them...needless to say, they didn't and about a year later, we get a letter from CMI saying the we owed them $400+ dollars...when I went to buy my house last year, my mortgage company said that I had to clear that I drove back to my old place and took Comcast the converters, got a letter saying it was cleared up..a couple of weeks later, I get a letter from CMI saying the "their client informed them that the debt was cleared up, and they would inform the CRA" I had a paid collection from CMI...okay, fast forward to today..

    On a whim, I called the number on the Comcast letter, and the guy who answered the phone was the one who gave me the original letter to clear up the account. I said "I just recently got a copy of my CR and saw a collection from CMI representing Comcast, I would like this taken off my CRs" Even though I have Directv, I still keep basic Comcast cable (for my local channels) and have my cable modem through them. He says, hold on a sec...comes back on and says "okay, I just talked to the head of our collections dept. She just called CMI and told them to delete it from your CR, it should be done in a couple of days and we'll send you a letter to confirm...and here's her direct number if you have any problems"

    Could it really have been this easy...but I wasn't going to complain...I did have one snafu though, Junum had just sent out a dispute for them on the 6th...I told him that I had done that because I didn't know who CMI was (as I had never dealt with them)...he problem, we just won't respond when it comes to us...but it'll probably be off by then anyway...

    Couldn't get much better than that! One less thing on my CR to worry about...

    Also, got my 1st round back from Trans Union...had 4 judgements disputed (3 are from the same's a roommate story...don't ask -- all four were showing unpaid)

    1 deleted
    3 updated to show paid

    Not complaining...wasn't expecting miracles and junum has already sent out 3 more rounds...

    Also, today I got a "pre-approved" $300 dollar/$49 deposit offer from Providian...thinking about it because of the additional trade line -- but the limit is small...oh well, I'll touch that one when I get back from Jamaica...
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    Re: My good news from today (Long)...

    Where ya goin Hurricane? I have a friend in Negril who own Alfred's Golden Sunset. I'm there every February (if possible). Have a good trip. I'ree mon.
  3. hurricane5

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    Re: My good news from today (Long)...

    Taking my wife down for our 5 year anniversary...staying at Grande Sport/Ciboney in Ocho family is from Jamaica, but I didn't want my wife to have to "rough it" too much by staying with we need the privacy :)

    My cousin is going to pick us up one day so that we can tour the island/see relatives and especially go see my grandmother in St. Elizabeth (she raised me until I was 6)...I'll also get to show her the land that has been allocated for me (all my brothers and sisters have been allocated at least 20 acres, but my oldest brother is the only one that has built on his yet)...

    My wife is about to bounce off the walls waiting for Wednesday to get here :)
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    Re: My good news from today (Long)...

    I'm bouncing off the walls reading your post!! I love Ocho Rios! I love Bloody Bay, I love Black Bay...I love Jamaica. And I envy you! Have a wonderful anniversary and nothing but complete relaxation. It will be fantastic for your relatives to see you and your family I am sure. Bring back some Aki and Salt Fish. I wish I was going with.

    Have a safe trip!


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