My Lawsuit Experience, Very Good

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by danrs, Nov 4, 2001.

  1. danrs

    danrs Well-Known Member

    All 3 of my lawsuits have reached final disposition, so I'm ready to post the results.


    Filed for FCRA violations/defamation. Fail to provide verification process info.

    Equifax never did respond to my request for verify info. They did a re-investigation.

    Filed, and sent letter of offer to settle. Had one neg on report, about 6 yrs old.

    Received letter and new report from attorney. Report was clean, and letter basicall said "we have no idea what you are talking about, your report is clean. If we may be of further assistance, bla bla bla. Called the attorney, and told him I was satisfied with the outcome, and if he would supply me a letter confirming the account wouldn't come back on, I'd dismiss. Received the letter a few days later, dismissed suit.


    Filed for FCRA violations/defamation. Fail to provide verification process info.

    Verify info was given within the 15 days, but was not complete as far as I was concerned, no contact name, phone number, or method of verify. Case was very weak.

    Filed, sent same letter to settle. Had 2 negs, one a 6 yr old 3K unpaid charge off, and another a $200, 6 yr old charge off.

    Got a call from their attorney within days. Message said they were deleting accounts in question, and to please dismiss case. I also called and got same letter and promise to not re-report from them.

    Case dismissed.

    Trans Union:

    Filed for same reasons as above. They never did send verify info until about 6 wks later after I filed.

    They requested a continuance, and got it. Had no contact from them other than the letter they sent finally giving me verification process information, 4 weeks too late.

    TU had a 3K unpaid charge off, 6 yrs, and a 200 unpaid Charge off, incorrectly reported as charged off this year. It was actually almost 7 yrs old. They had "verified" this account no less than 4 times.

    TU, once again, never initiated contact, and I did not contact them.

    Due to personal problems, I was completely unprepared to fight them, and dismissed.

    BUT, what do you know, I pulled my TU online the other night, and the account is now gone. So, only one neg left on TU, EX and EQ are clean!

    Overall, a very positive outcome, considering each suit only cost me 25 bucks! Especially after I had paid Junum more than that and they couldn't get them off!

    Experian and Equifax were EASY, which is strange, becasue my weakest cases were against them. TU, my strongest case, they seemed to want to fight it, but did remove the major account in question. Seems as though TU will not be as easy to cave in to the Small Claims Suit as the others?

    If only I had the time to prepare, I'd have gone through with it, and won I'm sure.

    So, that's my experience with the Lawsuit method.

    And, here's my credit repair experience as a result of what I've learned from this great board!


    1 year ago:

    6 negatives, all unpaid charge offs, 4 to 5 yrs old.
    1- 3 mo old CC, 300 limit
    615 Score


    No Negs
    2 CC, 3.5K limits, 1.5K bal, Citi 11K not reporting yet)
    1 Charge, 1200 limit, 1000 high, 0 bal.
    698 Score


    1 year ago:

    5 Negatives, 4 unpaid C/O, I paid C/O
    1 3 mo old CC, 300 limit
    8 yr old paid as agreed auto
    622 Score


    No Negs
    3 CC, 15 K limits, 1.5K bal
    1 charge, 1200 limit, 1000 high, O bal
    9 yr old paid as agreed auto
    728 Score

    Over a 100 point increase!!


    1 year ago:

    6 negs, 5 unpaid C/O, 1 paid C/O
    1 3 mo old CC, 300 limit
    Score, Unkown


    2 CC, 3.5 K limit, Citi 11K not reporting yet.
    1 unpaid 3K C/O, 6.5 yrs old (Off in another 4 months!!!)
    620 Score

    So, thanks to everyone on the board, and all the great information I've gotten here. Junum did okay initially, and I finished up what they couldn't. Worked great, and I'd recommend the method to everyone. Let them get the easy ones off while you learn the process so you can later do it yourself, and you work on the hard ones with what you've learned from the board.

    Good Luck to everyone. My credit repair journey has ended (boy it sure feels great to say that), and I will now concentrate on maintaining and improving my reports. I will still however be a daily visitor here for some time I'm sure!

    Again, good luck everyone. It CAN be done, with a little patience and time! A year and a half ago I couldn't qualify to get Sparklets water in my apartment, now look at me! HAPPY DANCE!!!!

  2. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    GREAT NEWS.... I'm so happy for you!
  3. Ender

    Ender Well-Known Member

    Did they respond to you quickly or a few eweks before your case? I haven't even heard back from my cases or anything.. but the court trials are coming up soon..
  4. danrs

    danrs Well-Known Member

    Hi Ender,

    Experian contacted me within a few days of signing for the service. All was said and done with dismissal filed about 10 days after they received it.

    Equifax took about a week longer. Got a letter from them.

    TU never heard from. Found out on my own through their "we are with the 90's now" online report the other day the major mistake was deleted. It's been two months with them.

  5. KristyW

    KristyW Well-Known Member

    Congrats! You are an inspiration.
  6. Ender

    Ender Well-Known Member

    Congratulations on your success.. that must be such a huge relief for ya..

    Thx for the reply, and thx LK for yours as well. I hope the ones I am involved in gets resolved soon as well..
  7. star

    star Well-Known Member

    sorry if I sound stupid, but, how would I begin to file a lawsuit and can I file if a debt on the report is true but they dont prove they validated it? Can someone give me a quick rundown from start to finish on how to begin a lawsuit? thanks
  8. PsychDoc

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    Re: My Lawsuit Experience, Very Goo

    Star, click the link below labeled "Lizardking's links for SUING CRAs" (in my signature next to where it says, "I recommend...").

  9. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    Re: My Lawsuit Experience, Very Goo

    CORRECTION... Where is it written... The computer/website doesn't "say" anything :)

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