My letter to TU, critics needed

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by dirtfan, Aug 6, 2003.

  1. dirtfan

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    TransUnion Consumer Relations
    2 Baldwin Place
    Chester, PA 19022

    Attn.: Legal Department

    To whom this may concern:
    I am NOT requesting an investigation or a reinvestigation on the accounts listed in this letter below.
    This letter is in reference to a letter which was sent Certified Mail Return Receipt Request # xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. TransUnion received this letter on July xx, 2003, (copy of letter is enclosed).

    June xx, 2003
    I requested a Procedural Request, which constitutes that you provide me the company name, company address, company telephone number of the person having verified the verification, and a full and complete report on the method of which was used to perform your investigation. See enclosed document, § 611. Procedure in case of disputed accuracy [15 U.S.C. § 1681i]

    Again, as a gesture of my goodwill, I will restate the accounts in question:

    ABC Account # xxxxxxxxx
    DEF Account # xxxxxxxxx
    DEF Account # xxxxxxxxxx

    July xx, 2003
    I received a letter from TransUnion dated July xx, 2003, (copy of letter is enclosed). This letter accuses me of using a credit repair company. Please do not insult my intelligence in such a fashion that TransUnion does not think I am competent enough to understand my rights, nor am I capable of writing such a letter myself. The FCRA states that all disputes must be verified, whether the dispute letters come from a collection repair company or not. Furthermore, in your letter you state, â??Under Federal law, if you believe any item on your credit report is inaccurate, and you notify us, we will re-verify the information at absolutely no cost to you.â?

    July xx, 2003
    I received another letter from TransUnion dated July xx, 2003, (copy of letter is enclosed). This letter states that TransUnion has marked my disputes as being â??frivolousâ?. If TransUnion has deemed my disputes as being frivolous, then why would TransUnion send me a partial procedural request? In my opinion TransUnion has contradicted themselves for sending me a partial procedural request, and claiming my disputes as being frivolous? I personally do not believe that the acts of me exercising my legal rights constitute my disputes as being labeled frivolous.

    I am disappointed that TransUnion has not provided me with the proper procedural evidence used in determining the verifications of my disputes as required by law. I am enclosing a copy of the results that were sent to me regarding TransUnionâ??s interpretation of Procedural Request.

    In your response, dated July xx, 2003, there is no record of the name of a person whom was contacted, and no record as of what date this supposed action of verification took place. Upon my review I have researched the above telephone number, and there is not a company by the name of DEF at the said location. As you are aware, this does not constitute as complete and accurate information.

    Furthermore, I have yet to receive any information from TransUnion regarding the account ABC # xxxxxxxxxxx.

    As a result of TransUnion failing to provide me with the proper and complete information requested, within the allotted time period as required by law, I am asking TransUnion to DELETE the above named accounts within 7 days from receipt of this letter.

    I do not believe that I am asking for anything that I am not rightfully entitled to by the laws of the FCRA. I am just requesting TransUnion to do the job that is required of them to do.

    As you are aware, TransUnion has violated many consumer protected laws regarding information on my credit report. I have written and documented evidence of all correspondence that has been sent to, and/or received by TransUnion.

    I will not hesitate to send copies of this letter and copies of all correspondence and records I have sent and received from TransUnion to the proper authorities. The proper authorities are but not limited to, the Fair Trade Commission, the Attorney General of ANY STATE, the Attorney General of Pennsylvania, and the Better Business Bureau if the above mentioned accounts are not permanately deleted from my TransUnion credit report. Nor, will I hesitate to file legal action against TransUnion should my requests not be accepted with an amicable solution in a timely manner, as described above.

    Please provide me with an updated copy of my personal TransUnion credit report, with the requested changes mentioned in this correspondence.


  2. jsummers

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    Great letter, and great paper trail.. Having a CRA over is barrel the way you do.. is strangly erotic to me.. hmmm Ya okay I am a bit nutty what can I say.. LOL
  3. Nestea

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    did you write this letter yourself? Iv'e seen it before... 8)
  4. TeeBee

    TeeBee Well-Known Member

    Very nice, in my opinion - but you mean "credit repair company" here rather than "collection repair company" right? Wouldn't that be nice though, a collection repair company? =)
  5. dirtfan

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    TeeBee- thanks for proofreading my letter. I have changed my version.

    I thought I would post this, before I actually send it out.

    Today I received a response from EQ concerning a PR that was received by them 28 days ago. Their interpretation of PR was name, address,tele #.
    NO contact name or date.

    So, after this letter above gets a few more responses, EQ will get one as well.

    Thanks to all who have responded.

    And by the way, this letter was written by yours truly.

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